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A world without passwords

FIDO: The good, the bad and the alternative Last year, on World Password Day, the global IT community woke up to some startling news. The Fast IDentity Online (FIDO) Alliance — headed by Google, Apple and Microsoft — announced it had finally cracked the task of making passwords obsolete. “Simpler, stronger authentication is not just (our) tagline […]

PKI in two-factor authentication

You don’t need PKI in two-factor authentication — here’s why Certificates usually feel good, right? They mean you’ve earned something. In the digital world, that often equates to access — verification that you and your collaborators are who you say you are. But certification is dangerous for online security. On the surface, it might look safe, yet […]

2FA or MFA – what makes sense and why?

Two factor or multi factor authentication? How to use both better Passwords – they’re not great on their own. At least, not when you have hundreds or thousands of sensitive documents, credentials or datasets to protect. There’s too much information at stake to guard with just a code and username. As you welcome more collaborators into a digital […]

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