security for all

of your users.

Authentication should be simple. More than that, it should be impossible to crack — which passwords can’t guarantee for multi-factor login. Almefy brings you to the next revolutionary step in digital security, which we’ve also designed for WordPress plugins. That means your accounts are safer. Access is more convenient. And you don’t have to worry about compromised credentials ever again.

How does it work?

We provide a smarter and more secure alternative to traditional two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA). Instead of relying on passwords and account details as the first step, followed by a PIN code or other identifier, Almefy streamlines 2FA into one step. WordPress users scan a QR code, using our app and authenticate themselves with a registered device. That’s it. They’re in. From now on, they scan to login.

This is identity-based encryption (IBE) — so much better than depending on credentials that anyone can steal. Our solution is solely based on identity, not keys or sensitive data passing from client to server.

Enroll users from scratch or add Almefy as another stage in your MFA protocol. The choice is always yours.

Enable Almefy for your WordPress Website

Step 1.

Install  the  Amlefy Plugin on your WordPress website  and the Almefy App on your smart device. You  can find the App on Google Play or  the App Store.

Step 2.

Once  you  have  filled in the  request form on our  website, we will send you an email with  enrollment  instructions  for  the ALMEFY HUB. Scan the QR Code in the mail and start  setting  up  everything  for  your  website.

Step 3.

Follow the setup wizard in the HUB to generate our key and secret which you enter to the Plugin in WordPress. Next step is to start connecting users.

Step 4.

Connected users can now login to your enabled website by just scanning the QR code on the login screen. It´s secure Identity Based Encryption empowered Two-Factor Authentication by design. We can provide an app PIN though, of you want even more factors for your authentication.

Why use Almefy?

We know how hard being a WordPress administrator can be. You aren’t just tasked with keeping an eye on every login and new upload, but also making passwords tough to break, as well as updating them through the year. Plus, users can mistype, forget or misplace their details. It’s frustrating on both sides.

That’s why our technology strips the pain away from getting into WordPress while making IBE scalable, protecting the data and privileges you need. Try it, and you’ll never go back.

Instant MFA authentication

Fast, no-brainer logins across websites, app, hardware and software suites.

Lower security costs

Wave goodbye to expensive hardware or certificate management. Almefy is incredibly low-maintenance.

Flexible integrations

Our platform keeps malicious users out of WordPress throughout your network and industrial systems.

Total market coverage

Expanding in a big way? Almefy works beautifully within any scope or sector.

Rapid setup

All you need is a code snippet to sync Almefy with your WordPress plugin.

Deeper trust

Clients, customers and freelancers will appreciate this lock and key on your backend. They’re not at risk anymore, either.

Almefy stays affordable, too

Our patented security architecture is ready to launch within any budget you’re playing with. For commercial websites, we offer a base package with a fixed number of authentications per month. If you require more, we can review and add extra authentications. Once you reach a threshold, you’ll jump to the next category, receiving new benefits such as additional admins. Non-commercial websites can enjoy a free baseline package with (again) a set amount of authentications and the freedom to purchase more as your user list grows. Keen to test Almefy yourself? We thought so. Explore the future of MFA protection, and leave passwords to the history books.