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Pos-it it with password on it laying on a keyboard

Passwords: Don’t Manage the Problem – Solve It!

An introductory glimpse into the content of this blog: If you’re anything like us, you enjoy nothing more than that deeply satisfying feeling of typing in a long-winded password, finding comfort in the knowledge that your chain of hieroglyphs protects you. Just kidding. We’ve all accepted passwords as a necessary evil, just as we’ve come […]

Red flag alert – Cybersecurity status in Germany

In this blog, we’ll touch upon the topic Cybersecurity: Cybercrime remains a threat globally and according to the BKA, Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Office, there is no exception for Germany. Hackers target businesses of all sizes, from mid-sized companies to critical infrastructure. This blog sheds light on these mechanisms and how Almefy helps safeguard your […]

Data highway

“Out of band authentication” – what it means and how it relates to Almefy?

A glimpse into the content of this blog: Oh, remember the days when the word “password” meant that only your friends were allowed in the tree house? Those were simple times. Today, it means stress, risk and — unfortunately still often enough — post-its. So what if there was a solution that required as little […]