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In Addition to the security risk, the implications for your business are a loss of productivity and an increase in security cost.**

11 hours

saved per employee and year
due to no more password

40 %

Reduced cost of password (access) management

$ 480

Increased productivity since passwords can’t be lost

Scan to login

Almefy SSO & 2FA will eliminate passwords for you and your employees altogether. And – it is 2FA secure by design. No additional authenticator app needed, no certificates to manage, say goodbye to password resets and renewals.
Based on common authentication standards we enable a multitude of business apps that make the authentication of your internal and external users as easy as “Scan to login”. Our patented security technology is simple, fast and easy to integrate and above all, it is SSO and 2FA in one step, GDPR compliant by just scanning a QR code with the Almefy App.

Simplified Cross-Application SSO with IBE Technology

We enable a cross-application SSO across your company application infrastructure utilizing the Identity Based encryption (IBE) technology. With this method, managing certificates is a task of the past. IBE uses your unique identifier and a private key generator (PKG) to create a secret that is used to sign a challenge during the authentication process. Almefy validates the signature and approves or denies the login request.

It’s that easy:
Authentication as a Service

Almefy SSO & 2FA integrates through the OIDC and/or the SAML authentication flow and can be added to your existing application landscape. 

We enable an easy and fast way to implement a highly secure SSO capability for all your internal and external applications that is easy to maintain for IT Admins, and easy to use for all employees.

Bring your IT Security to the next level without any unnecessary hustle and complex, time-consuming integration workflows.


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