Manage accounts in the app

As soon as you connect and authenticate yourself the first time, each account is added to your app dashboard where you can view and select the right website for access. Once you scan, you’ll see all available options protected by Identity-based encryption (IBE) — or, if you only have a single account, Almefy will log you in immediately. A manager menu shows your list of accounts and when you last logged in, as well as letting you temporarily hide an account. From here, you can even delete accounts altogether when they’re no longer necessary.

Explore features and customize

Looking to label several devices for different accounts on Almefy or changing the appearance to dark mode? Or perhaps you want to lock the app itself with a PIN or biometric security to add even more security factors? Head to “Settings” for these and more options to fit your needs and preferences.
We’ve also added a quick tutorial in the "More" tab if you get stuck!

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We’re right here for assistance, whether you’re a user or administrator. Speak to the Almefy team for help or additional information.

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