Hacks, phishing, social engineering and lost passwords are a thing of the past.

Until recently, it was impossible to guarantee safe access for anyone, anywhere, in a digital portal. Why? Because passwords are still the norm. And, if your software uses a password, it’s open to compromise. Almefy is the game changer you’ve been waiting for. Our technology ensures that no sensitive details are shared across networks, servers or devices, providing a much more secure gateway into the tools and platforms your users need.

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identity-based encryption?

Passwords don’t authenticate an identity — they just confirm that credentials are exchanged. Even if those passwords are strong and regularly updated, anyone can steal them. Plus, it’s easy to lose or forget passwords, especially dozens of unique ones for different accounts. There are two major issues here: security and convenience. They expose organizations around the world to massive risks every day.

So, we’ve developed a solution to the password problem: an out-of-band authentication with identity-based encryption (IBE). “Out of band” stands for authentication on another channel instead of a website. Rather than asking for a password and username, Almefy scans a connect code that links a device to a user’s identity. It’s that simple. By pointing a smartphone camera at a QR code or special image, they’re authenticated in seconds with secure encryption. All they have to do is click, scan and repeat. Hackers can’t find any data to grab and manipulate.

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Improve the multi-factor equation

Two-factor (2FA) and multi-factor (MFA) authentication methods may ask for more proof of identity, but they’re never a safe bet. After all, passwords are often merely the first step — thieves can bypass the rest by cracking one-time passwords (OTPs), obtaining tokens and hijacking session cookies. No one talks about this. It’s accepted as just the way things are.

So, Almefy improves MFA by getting rid of user credentials altogether, making our technology one of one of the only phishing-resistant MFA solutions. What’s more, our encryption keys expire almost immediately, so even that data is prevented from being absorbed by your network. Meanwhile, Almefy cuts 2FA down to a single step, so nobody has to flip between devices and prompts. If you want to add more security layers to digital access, you can. Or, just stick to one camera scan. The choice is literally in your hands.

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We are Almefy

We’re made in Germany, with sights on the world

Almefy’s core technology is designed by GMV, our shareholder, research and development partner. Since 1984, GMV has been on the bleeding edge of solutions for a huge range of industries including banking, aeronautics, space, health, defense, transport and cybersecurity. The original concept for IBE stretches way back to 2008, but the world wasn’t ready for it. We believe passwords have now revealed their shortcomings, and we’re due for a security revolution.

It helps that we’re based in Germany, a hotbed for the latest innovations in cyber protection. Our experts and advisors also bring diverse perspectives from the automotive sector, security legislation and the social media landscape, all locking together for a firm hold on what needs to change today for businesses and the user experience. Thanks to the fact we never store user data, we’re also 100% GDPR compliant by design.

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