Our Mission:

Convenient and secure authentications, Password free
& two-factor secure

The beginning of secure and trustworthy authentication.

We have developed the next generation of logins:

Customer-friendly, simple and fast

Founded in 2021, we have developed the next generation of logins: Customer-friendly, simple and fast – but above all: secure!
Put an end to cumbersome and expensive two-factor authentication and make it easy for your customers to log in to you website or web shop.

The proven technology core from our partner and investor, the Spanish security specialist “GMV Innovating Solutions”. We have adopted this patented and reliable technology and adapted it for our “Authentication by Identity” concept based on IBE (Identity Based Encryption). And now technology is ready for internet, software or hardware integration.
Almefy now supports you in securing your logins. To do this, we’ve done away with the username and password altogether – and finally made the unloved two-factor authentication easy and convenient for your customers.

So let’s talk about the next generation logins.
It’s time to give your customers the most convenient and secure login experience on the market – they’re worth it!

Almefy App

Download the Almefy App to get access to the next generation of secure login.
2FA in one step – Just scan to login!

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Almefy SSO & 2FA

Easy and fast in one step. No password needed. The power of ALMEFY – The next generation login.

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Driven by Passion & Experience

The Management Team

We are supported by an internationally experienced and renowned board: 

Our board of directors

“Passwords make users involuntary custodians of the security of the services they use. This is not only unnecessary but also unfair. Users should not be imposed to choose between security and convenience.
Almefy takes the jeopardy and burden of security away from you.”

Juan J. León, Inventor & Senior Security, Advisor GMV